Frequently Asked Questions

These faq page is created to answer all frequently asked questions from user. Thanks for using our services.

Yes, as long as they follow all the procedures:
yesInspecting and taking pictures of the bike
yesmaking sure renter is capable of riding and verifying identity and valid motorcycle license.

License must be valid, not expired and not temporary. We strongly recommend it you do it yourself the first few times to get acquainted with the process.
You get paid in between 7 working days up until 30 calendar days right after renter's return date. We need your bank account information to process them. We do not store bank account data, instead we rely on trusted payment system.

If your account information was entered incorrectly, we will not know until the payment has been declined by your bank, so please double check! Contact with any questions.
Currently we do not provide any special insurance for this platform. Thus, we strongly recommend for owners to purchase fully comprehensive type of insurance, because it is for all-rider.

It is all under owners’ full responsibility to make a claim from insurance include making a police report if there is an accident or loss of motorcycle.
You have control over the daily price of your bike, and you can also give discounts for longer rentals. Nakride takes a cut of the rental price you set.

Currently we take commission fee of 30 percent from paid booking (fee of website and panel system, advertising and administration). Balance of 70 percent is yours.
1. You or someone you know needs to be there to deliver and receive keys.

2. You will need to inspect your motorcycle before and after the rental, as well as make sure the renter is capable of riding it.

3. Verify the identity of the renter by checking their identification card or passport and motorcycle license.

4. License must be valid, not expired and not temporary. (For Malaysian, license type "P" and above is a must)
Please remember to charge cost of damage directly to the renter upon returning of bike. Otherwise, it is impossible to prove that damage occurred during the rental and not afterwards.

You are responsible of your own bike. Alternatively, if the renter is kind enough to admit they did the damage, then it is possible to resolve the issue.

Remember, everybody is innocent until proven guilty.
Your only responsibility is that the bike is delivered with enough gas to arrive to the next gas station. Renter can just return the bike with the same level of fuel.

Fuel are non returnable if the renter left it more than the time he takes earlier.
We accept all makes, models and years of motorcycles, including custom bikes.

The main requirements are:

1.You must own financial responsibility for the motorcycle

2.The bike is properly registered and meets Road Transport Act minimum requirements.

3.You are responsible for ensuring the motorcycle is well maintained and not a danger to the rider.

4.No motorcycles built primarily for off-road use (ex. dirt bikes), even if they are street legal.
1. In the event of a late return, owners are entitled to charge standard rate according to how many hours late to renters by doing extend booking.

2. Owner must contact renter at least an hour before return time or earlier in order to prevent misunderstandings or clash of booking.
1. First of all, there must be a notification from your email regarding reservation payment through online banking or credit/debit cards. Please be aware and we suggest you to setup your email using mymail apps to easily notify any incoming reservation.

2. Then, open the NakRide's owner panel and you can view the trip details and contact information of the renter.

3.The renter might contact you or else, contact the renter either through call, sms, whatsapp, telegram or any other social media channels to ask for identification card or passport and valid motorcycle license.

4.The booking is already confirm and payment received but you have the choice to decline each booking request at certain reason.( E.g : previous renter late inform for last minute extention, potential renter have a criminal record). Inform the customer and email to NakRide your valid reason to decline and click cancel button in Manage Reservation. We will do the refund process to the renter.

5. At the pickup date, double check renter's identification card or passport and valid motorcycle license.

6. Verify they are over 21 as an extra precaution.|

7. Make sure they are capable of riding the bike and that they adhere to laws in the country.

8. If they fail to pass any of the above checks, you may cancel the booking, notify us and we do refund to the renter.

9. If they pass the checks:
•Give them a quick tour of the bike, show them its quirks.
•Document the bike condition before and after the trip.
•Hand the keys and smile! It gets a lot easier after the first time
Should issues arise, don't hesitate to sent us an enquiry 24/7 at To let us guide and assist regarding any damage, towing assist or nearest workshop, notify us through our hotline number +6018-2011997 (9a.m. to 5p.m. ; everyday except for public holidays)
1. If it is a parking fine, the renter must pay the fine for events occurring during the trip. The renter is also responsible for all fines received up to 24 hours after the end of the trip, if the parking fine was due to the renter’s improper parking.

2. The renter should notify the owner if the renter receives a fine during their trip, and, so long as it is not a speed trap fine, renter should pay the full cost immediately.

3. If an owner notifies there is a parking fine received during the rental period (or during the period 24 hours thereafter), owner can charge the renter for the full cost of the fine.

4. If it is speed trap fine, and the owner receives a fine letter, owner have the right to contest the violation and transfer the liability to the renter.
1. It is a must for owner to install NakRide tracking kit to his bike before renting it. We will contact you once you add your bike in request list.

2. You must check the location of your bike immediately if the renter is an hours or less late return the bike. If you cannot contact the renter after an hour of the rental termination time, the owner must go and take back the motorcycle as soon as possible.
There are several reasons why we advocate unlimited miles:
enlightened 70% of potential customers are turned off by mileage limitations.

enlightened Worrying about miles increases accident risk by reducing rider's concentration on the road. It also diminishes the riding experience.

enlightened The average motorcycle out there has very low mileage and it is a waste not to put more miles on these beauties.
We want people to ride as much as possible, to enjoy it and bring more friends into the community.

enlightened When more people ride, you too will get more profit!